Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Health, Safety and Environment principles of Bracco Group define the behaviour and work methods to be adopted at the workplace in order to protect its staff, the environment and the installations from damaging effects and to pursue a continuous improvement of its environmental performance.Bracco, Health, Safety and Environment

  • Safety in all areas, together with the safeguarding of the employees and the environment, both inside and outside the Company, is one of the top priorities of the Group's Management.
  • Where necessary, the Glossary Link HSE department may issue additional regulations, valid for the entire Group and stricter than the laws currently in force.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental issues are handled with the same scientific rigour and professionalism as Research and Development activities.
  • The activities may only be carried out if the safety standards laid down for man are respected.
  • The decision to pursue a given activity or investment is based on a risk analysis that takes account of all the following factors: the human element, technical systems, specific processes, substances, production sites and the environment.
  • In addition to rigorous preventive measures, a detailed plan of immediate action for limiting the repercussions of potentially serious accidents and emergencies is always available.
  • Each individual employee of the Group is responsible for applying the aforesaid principles in force and within the scope of his position, authority, know-how and training.
  • All employees receive adequate environmental protection and safety information and training to enable them to perform their tasks.
  • Customers are instructed through a dialogue, which is permanently open with the public, on how to use all products. The transparency of the information, due to a high consideration of public opinion, and the safety of the product are among the Group's priorities. We continually search for an exchange of know-how and experiences with authorities, associations and the political and scientific world.
  • Respect of the aforesaid principles is carefully monitored by the HSE department