Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Sustainability Report

The Corporate Sustainability Report is an important communication tool which gathers the financial figures as well as the social and environmental data of the company and clearly details its commitment to the community and to Glossary Link sustainable development.
The Bracco Group, which has published an Environmental Report for 18 years now, has also chosen to adopt a Sustainability Report, executed by SDA Bocconi in accordance with international standards. It is a complex job which the entire organization helped to complete, in a joint effort.

This report is a clear and innovative document which strengthens Bracco relations with our stakeholders and covers the numerous areas of our commitment: from prevention to safety inside and outside the workplaces, from scientific research to quality, from culture to youth and sports.

At the heart of our entire project of course lie sustainability and environmental protection, which, for us, have strategic value, and factor into our corporate management as much as the financial variables.

In fact, the Bracco Group believes success comes through innovation and sustainability, which mean green chemistry and smart solutions. In our nearly 90 years of experience – a story which we have told in a special section at the end of this report’s – we’ve seen the proof firsthand: respecting the environment with cutting-edge and safe manufacturing processes, limiting the impact on biodiversity to a minimum thereby preserving ecosystems, reducing waste, and continuously investing in R&I, is the surest way to succeed in global markets.