Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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Sustainability: the future of mankind and of the Earth depends upon this word that is a reflection of how we all choose to act: institutions, businesses and citizens.

That is why companies are increasingly called upon to review and redesign their own manufacturing processes to respect the environment, using methods and tools that make balancing efficiency and sustainability possible as well as measuring the results achieved, raising the bar higher and higher. In this context, in fact, every milestone reached is considered a starting point rather than a finish line.

For the Bracco Group, the environmental question is essential and equally important as the financial factors when making strategic decisions or performing research activities. We are convinced that the only way of “doing business” today is the responsible and sustainable way. In fact, it is the only way to offer a future to younger generations, the only way that joins economic growth, work opportunities and well-being, and the only way to make a company competitive and successful in global markets while at the same time maintaining strong ties to the communities where it operates.

The Bracco Group’s Environmental Report is proof of this care and attention, and concretely outlines just how much we have been able to do in terms of the environment, Glossary Link sustainable development and ensuring the health and safety of the people who work for us.

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