Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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Bracco looks after every generation by investing in reconciliation - families are valuable and, as such, they need support.

Looking at the individual and social development of new generations also means looking after the elderly.

Every year the company offers the children of employees aged between 6 and 16 a unique opportunity - summer camps.

There are different kinds of highly educational holidays that are related to the various subjects that guide corporate responsibility activities, such as studying abroad and outdoor sports holidays, which help understand the importance of protecting the environment. They are an opportunity to socialise, experiment and learn about the company values while becoming aware that they must be protected in the future.

To offer more opportunities to place children in childcare centres, the company has entered agreements with nurseries in the areas it is active in. To make practising sports easier for the children of employees, discounted membership registration fees are offered by the 15 sports associations that are supported by the "Giovani&Sport" company project.

To help employees and their elderly relations who are suddenly affected by health problems or by worsening of disease symptoms, Bracco is offering an innovative home care service, free of charge, called Family care.

It is a way of helping families manage and deal with the daily challenges of having a parent who is not self-sufficient or a child with a disability.

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