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More than 4000 young people and children aged between 5 and 18, 25 events a year, the involvement of schools and of 15 sports associations in the various areas the Bracco Group is working in, a broad range of disciplines, which includes basketball, soccer, volleyball, skiing, tennis, athletics, rugby, gymnastics (free exercise and apparatus work) – all are included in the "Giovani&Sport" [Young people&Sports] project.

This initiative, which started in 2002, clearly shows the efforts made by Bracco in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, and described above show how important the company believes sports activities are for socialisation purposes, cooperation and for teaching people the values of civilised society and health.

In 2011 Giovani&Sport addressed the issue of environmental sustainability with the Sport&Ambiente [Sports&Environment] project, which was carried out with LIFEGATE, a highly specialised network. All the associations the company supports make simple arrangements so that sports are practised in the most sustainable manner, with limited waste production and by teaching the young athletes how to have balanced lifestyles.

Moreover, since 2012 the Bracco Group is supporting a project specifically dedicated to women and sport: "Donna Sport", an initiative to promote, support and share accurate information about the contribution of women to Italian sport. "Donna Sport" also rewards the young athletes that are good at school.

With its projects Bracco Group is supporting the well known Italian women young teams of Pro Patria Volley Milano,and the women's team BRACCO ATHLETICS.

The Centro Diagnostico Italiano (CDI) – a company of the Group that supplies state-of-the-art health services – helps the athletes involved in this project by providing them with medical assistance and diagnostics, focusing on sports injuries in particular. Appointments with a nutrition consultant are offered to athletes wishing to have a customised diet.

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