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The Psycho-pedagogy Centre, which was organised thanks to the collaboration between municipal administrations and Bracco, opened in Cesano Maderno at the end of 2000 and in Ceriano Laghetto in 2002.

The aim of this service is to perform a socially useful task that could prevent school dissatisfaction and promote the psychological wellbeing of minors and their families.

Parents can ask for a session of free counselling to help them deal with the difficult situations their children may be in.

The service is designed for children and adolescents attending nursery school, primary school and middle school who have behavioural and learning problems.

The Centre offers counselling to teachers so they can deal with difficult situations encountered at school by addressing the issues directly. It helps find new points of view and possible solutions to problems, which can greatly support teachers and help them play their role with more awareness.

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