Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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The health and safety of workers have always been top-priority aspects of the strategic policy of the Bracco Group. In fact, the GHSE department is a consolidated part of the company's organizational chart, which, since the seventies, has guaranteed respect of the legislation in force and high workplace health and safety standards.



Respecting the legislation entails assessing all risks, taking great care to reduce the risk factors, so as to make the workplace safe both during normal work operations and in an emergency with a serious or immediate risk. With a view to protecting workers and visitors against the health hazards that may arise in the work environment, the GHSE department considers all aspects of industrial hygiene, ergonomics and occupational health, with the constant support of the company doctor, through a three-step approach applicable to all work places:

  • identification of health hazard;
  • assessment of health hazard;
  • reduction of health hazard.

The Glossary Link HSE principles constitute a Group-level standard applied to all workers of all companies in the Group. All new employees are immediately given a practical health, safety and environment guide and follow an on-line course on the subject, complete with a test at the end of it. The GHSE department prepares for each site: the safety signs and the signalling and behavioural procedures to be followed in an emergency through a booklet on fire prevention and general emergency procedures. This booklet is kept constantly up to date with the applicable Italian and EU legislation.

The GHSE department draws up and continually updates the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the substances used at all sites of the Group so as to safeguard the workers' health by providing them with information on how to handle the chemical substances safely. These documents were also updated in 2011 in conformance with the EU regulations on the classification and labelling of products laid down in the GHS (Global Harmonized System).

The attention that Bracco pays to workers' health and safety resulted in the company voluntarily choosing to set up a safety management system certified according to the Glossary Link BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard at all its operational sites. The implementation of these systems has helped to spread a culture of safety and accident prevention at the work place, thus encouraging and facilitating dialogue and internal communication.