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The company has been a supporter of the Italian Red Cross for some time now by sending funds for specific projects and by donating medicines.

In 2003 a health centre was successfully completed. It ensures continuous assistance for the treatment of and vaccination against the most common diseases in the area, it teaches the community how to deal with the health and sanitary requirements of newborns, babies and handicapped people.

In the same year the "mother and child" project was started. A farmhouse in the municipality of Barbosa, in the centre of the Olarie (swamp lakes), was restored. In this area many children are affected by severe skin infections caused by carrying clay bricks by hand from a very young age.

A nursery, play area, canteen and a consulting room were created in the farmhouse, which means the highest possible number of children is looked after here and not made to work.

The "favelas nursery school" project, which aims at helping children from the poorer and lower social classes, was started in Barbosa in 2009.

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