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Over the past ten years, the continuous research work done within the Group has led to the adoption of many measures based on environmental innovation, considered a fundamental tool for reaching Glossary Link sustainable development targets.

innovazione Important initiatives have been taken with a view to making production more ecofriendly, ensuring safety and increasing environmental protection.
For years now, the Bracco Research Centre has been committed to developing new procedures and process innovations aimed at reducing the consumption of energy and resources and minimizing the environmental impact of its production processes.

The target obtained are the result of years of research and have led to the production of one of the brand's cutting edge products with water as the solvent and without separating semi finished products, which are not isolated during the production process.

The research activities have also enabled the actions and requests of the regulatory authorities and the European community to be anticipated.
For example, methylene chloride, which was present in the original production process, was eliminated several years before its use was prohibited.
Today, its work focuses on improving further the recovery rate and the final production efficiency, thus reducing consumption and the amount of waste and pollutants in the environment, and replacing molecules and substances considered hazardous and subject to the restrictions laid down in Annex XVII of the Glossary Link REACH regulation.


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