Mission Print

The Group's development and its corporate social responsibility commitment are based on the company's values, which are the result of a business vision shared by four generations of the Bracco family.

Respect, balance and quality are the principles guiding the business and the initiatives to help staff and the community, which are a point of reference for modern communities.

Bracco's CSR is rooted in the company's values and has always been in the company's genetic code.

It is a way of running a business in which helping employees and the people in the area, protecting the environment and promoting innovation are crucial elements in business management. Most importantly, they are the underlying foundations of corporate culture.

For Bracco, Corporate Social Responsibility means giving the company a role in a social context and contributing to the improvement of society, the environment and everybody's quality of life.

There is no better proof of this than the company's programmes, which are continuously carried forward with determination, commitment and coherence.

The company's social commitment is particularly focused on the elderly, the young, on women, culture and the environment, and aims at creating a strong bond and partnership with the various stakeholders, i.e. employees, institutions, community members and customers.