Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility

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Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, the only way to "do business" is to be responsible and sustainable. This is the only way to secure the future for younger generations; the only way to guarantee economic growth, employment and wellbeing; the only way to ensure increasingly higher quality of life, through technological innovation; the only way to gain a competitive advantage worldwide, while preserving strong links with the local territory in which one operates.

The Bracco Group's sense of Corporate Social Responsibility stems from this very awareness, and is indeed deep-rooted in the company's DNA. The Group is convinced that respect, balance, quality and transparent business management are ethical principles essential to the group's growth.

These values also underlie the Bracco Foundation, an institution that sets out to valorise Italy's cultural, historical and artistic heritage, promote scientific research and health protection, and foster vocational training of young people.